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24 Studio Apartments 

Co-Living Communal Areas

Paddington ,NSW

This Paddington Village offering has helped form the marketability strategy of UKO, understanding that the co-living market and what additional needs it can offer their occupants.

The emphasis on activating communal spaces through Bond Theory's extensive hospitality experience creating spaces that have dual use.


The modern aesthetic takes drivers from hotel offerings whilst maintaining the comfortability of a residential space. Curated apartments for maximum marketability within the elegant Paddington area using a neutral palette and flexible solutions the maximise the usability. The overall resolve offers comfortable spaces that are elevate UKO from other products on the market.

UKO Paddington took selections from built form, the demographic for locations and the greenery of surrounding suburb of Paddington. A contemporary design with plywood pegboard bedheads that were custom made, site curated artwork picking up the hues of green and accenting black furniture for a contemporary edge.

Residential Staging, Hospitality Staging, Sales Staging, Hospitality Design, Hotel Design, Co-Living Design, Student Accommodation.

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