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69 Studio Apartments 
+ Co-Living Communal Area

Alexandria, NSW

This industrial vibe offering for UKO raises the co-living standards again for its portfolio. Working with Sasco Developments to produce this quality offering no details were missed for comfortable co-living outcome. Bond Theory work early in project incept design & documentation through to final completion procuring and placing all loose items for hand over to tenant.


The industrial aesthetic takes drivers from the local area & building architectural these are illustrated through the presence of pitched roof angle details, black metal accents and raw concrete tactile elements. Custom site curated artwork from local photographer @bruchalaupka of local area.The overall resolve with pops of colour offers comfortable spaces that elevate UKO from other co-living products on the market.

Residential Staging, Hospitality Staging, Sales Staging, Hospitality Design, Hotel Design, Co-Living Design, Student Accommodation.

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