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500sqm Mixed Retail, Office & Cafe

Margaret River, Western Australia

(Currently under construction)

The chocolate factory is a mixed-use development located in Margaret River in south Western Australia. The 500sqm shed was built as the house to showcase Bahen & Co’s product whilst also identifying the brands identity through an interior visual language.

Understanding the need for a concise design helping their brand find its home Bond Theory designed the various zones to create individual spaces with a strong neutral white on white design language truly showcasing the vivid coloured packaged chocolate. The shed houses 300sqm of retail display, the roasting room for education & machinery display, café servery for 1,000 odd customers coming through the premises daily at peak periods and café dining & lounge and office space. The layout pivots around a tiled pod which houses Bahen & Co’s headquarters, on the perimeter of the pod retail display has been built into one side & on the opposing side the bathroom amenity is tucked into it.


A contemporary design that is hoped to help form the brands identity for future flagship stores across Asia.


Hospitality Design, Café Design, Bar Design, Amenity Design, Workplace Design, Function Design, Industrial Design

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